Coaching, The Rodeo, and Spring Break!


Hello, hello everyone!! I hope you have all been doing very well and enjoying this nice, spring weather as much as I have. I’m so excited to be back again and to fill you in on my wonderful life adventures.The weekend after Valentine’s Day, I had a few students testing (to advance in level) and competing at the Sweetheart Invitational. It was a very long weekend, but an exciting one as well. I was very proud of how hard each of my skaters worked. Once I finished coaching on Sunday, I came home to Jordan and Mila and we decided to go have some fun in the sunshine. First, we went to Burroughs Park and then we sat down at Crust Pizza Co. for lots and lots of carbs.Mila enjoyed some spaghetti.Jordan and I started with some delicious garlic knots before our meat lovers pizza arrived.This ended up being one of my new favorite spots for pizza. The following Monday, Mila and I had a girl’s day and we decided to head back to the park. We loved being outside so much that we even ate our lunch out on the balcony. The rest of the week was mostly filled with work and organizing the apartment. On Friday night, Jordan, Brittany, and I went to the Houston Rodeo BBQ Cook-Off. We went to the Renegades tent for some delicious BBQ, drinks, and dancing. We checked out some other tents as well, but The Renegades was definitely our favorite. Such a fun night! The following Saturday, Jordan and I met with my friends Ashton, Fiona, and both of their fiancés for a triple date. We met at a Mexican restaurant called, Escalante’s, and then went bowling in City Centre. It was tons of fun! The following Tuesday was the opening day for The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Jordan and I were so excited to be there to watch Garth Brooks perform and he did not let us down. Later that week, I was able to finally get my hair done. I love how fresh it feels to walk out of the salon with newly colored and cut hair. Saturday night was Brittany’s UH ring ceremony. It was held at the Pappasito’s banquet room and it was so much fun. We all enjoyed lots of yummy Tex-Mex and margaritas. Sunday was The St. Patrick’s Day Parade!!Jordan, Mila, and I had tons of fun catching beads and hanging out at D249 with my grandparents and some friends. The following Monday was the beginning of Spring Break and Mila got to spend the whole week with us!! Mila and I decided to go have some brunch at the Toasted Yolk. She enjoyed pancakes and I ordered a delicious grilled chicken sandwich.On Friday, the three of us drove to New Braunfels for Jordan’s friends, Nikki and Keith’s wedding. The venue was gorgeous and the food was amazing! We had such a fun night watching the happy couple and dancing the night away.

We spent the rest of the weekend relaxing once we got home from New Braunfels.

I will be back to write again tonight or tomorrow to fill you all in on our wonderful Easter and a new journey Jordan and I are embarking on. Enjoy the rest of your Monday.

XOXO, Paige.

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