Snow Day, German Festival, and a Weekend in Downtown Dallas!


Hey y’all, I hope that y’all have had a wonderful holiday season. I cannot believe how far behind I am on blogging, but I cannot wait to share all of the fun/time consuming things that I’ve been up to.

Now it’s time to catch y’all up from the ending of my last blog post-December 11th: The Sunday night following Thanksgiving, Jordan and I went grocery shopping to cook some yummy meals for the week. I showed him Trader Joe’s for the first time and bought a few bottles of their 2 buck Chuck’s, which I am obsessed with, and he ended up loving them. I am such a proud and happy girlfriend to watch Jordan now become not only a coffee drinker, but a wine drinker as well.  😉For dinner that night, Jordan grilled some pre-seasoned chicken breasts that we found at H-E-B and I made some corn and our favorite black bean/brown rice mix. Monday morning, I did some Christmas present browsing at the mall, Target, and World Market. When I got back home I had some cranberry turkey salad on Dave’s power bread for lunch. The turkey salad also came from H-E-B and it tastes amazing. ​​They sell it near the rotisserie chicken section of the store and I highly advise that you give it a try!

after Thanksgiving mostly consisted of getting back into the swing of coaching and cooking lots of meals, oh and trying to decide what to get everyone for Christmas… Monday night, Jordan and I went to his parents house to watch the Texans game. ShaRon made some chicken wings, deviled eggs, and baked some French fries. It was super tasty and perfect game night food! After work on Tuesday evening, I cooked some shrimp fettuccine alfredo and also made some crab cakes. I’ve been getting the Argentine shrimp to cook with and they taste amazing. They are the perfect size for almost any shrimp dish I make and they have such good flavor.Wednesday night, we grilled some more of that chicken from H-E-B and some veggies that I had seasoned earlier in the day with olive oil, basil, garlic powder, and Italian seasoning. I also boiled some eggs and steamed rice for the sides.

Jordan also got me into watching “Peaky Blinders” this night, so we have been watching that non-stop since then. I am obsessed with the show. Like, I think I love it as much as “Game of Thrones,” but I can’t even compare them because they are completely different.Friday morning, I went to the Toasted Yolk for the first time to grab some breakfast before work. I ordered their “two eggs breakfast deluxe.” It tasted incredible, definitely my new favorite breakfast spot! I could barely get to eating the hash brown casserole, but the two bites I did get were amazing. I coached all Saturday morning and it was absolutely freezing. I bundled up in some thick pants, uggs, two jackets, and a beanie. All of the clothes kept me decently warm at the rink, but I joined Jordan and his family for some shopping in The Woodlands afterwards and I thought I was going to die from a heat stroke (lol). We had lots of fun strolling around the mall together.The following Sunday was full of relaxation. That evening, Jordan and I stopped by Shogun for some dinner. He ordered their Shaggy Dog roll with cream cheese and I got some shrimp fried rice and a couple pieces of salmon sushi. Monday morning, I stopped by The Toasted Yolk for some breakfast (AGAIN…). I ordered some eggs cooked over-medium, bacon, a biscuit, and a cappuccino. It was delicious! Monday evening, Jordan made some of the best tasting lamb chops. I so badly wished that I could’ve had more because it was amazing. December 6th was Davis’ 16th birthday…. I couldn’t believe that he was already turning 16!!! I also couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get him a “Sweet Sixteen” tiara. I’m pretty sure he hated me for it, but he rocked it nonetheless. He decided that he wanted a “Sponge-Bob” themed birthday, which was so much fun! The next day, I spent about 3 hours picking up and unloading all of the Nutcracker costumes for our upcoming show. It was certainly a workout carrying all of these tutus up and down the stairs, but I wouldn’t have traded that job for the world. It was so much fun being in charge of costumes for the entire cast and I loved getting to see the look on each skater’s face as they tried on and fell in love with their costume. After an exhausting 3 hours, I stopped by Pappasito’s to relax with some chicken fajitas and a margarita.SNOW DAY, SNOW DAY, SNOW DAY!!!! ❄️Jordan and I went to bed Thursday evening hearing that there was going to be a chance of snow during the night and we were happily surprised to wake up to actual snow in Houston. I have lived here my entire 22 years of living and I have never experienced snow like this in my city. I couldn’t stop looking at everything covered in white. It was so beautiful!Friday night, Jordan and I went to the German Festival in Downtown Tomball, but before we enjoyed the festival we stopped by “403 Eats,” which is a place that has about 4 or 5 food trucks to choose from and hen you take your food to an inside seating area or enjoy their outdoor seating to eat your delicious food. I went to the Taco food truck and Jordan went to the lobster food truck. I ordered a beef taco and Jordan ordered some lobster quesadillas.Downtown Tomball is such a cute, little place to go and the German Festival was so much fun! It was a very cold evening, so we spent a lot of time in a shop called “Granny’s Corner,” which is an antique shop filled with so many unique things. After work on Saturday, Jordan and I headed up to Dallas to celebrate my cousin’s birthday Downtown. Once we arrived at the hotel and got changed we all headed out to our first stop at a place called “Happiest Hour.” It was such a fun place and had some of the best calamari I had ever tasted. Every single bartender was dressed like Buddy the Elf, which we all found very fun!We found some beautifully painted walls while we walked to our last destination.Our last stop was at a place called “Dot’s Hop House.” this place was amazing!!! It had a nice indoor bar and a beautiful outdoor area with chandeliers, lit up trees, heaters, seats, and an outdoor bar. Next time we come back to Downtown Dallas, we are definitely going there again. We had such a wonderful week and weekend together!!

I have so much more to post before I finally catch up. I almost just skipped December and brought you all to where I am now in my life, but so many fun and joyous things happened during the last month and a half that y’all couldn’t miss out on.

I will be back to write again very soon!

XOXO, Paige.

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