The Nutcracker Market, Mila’s Birthday, and Some Awesome Dates!

Hello hello, I’m so excited to be back again to write about some super fun adventures I had the month of November.

Once I got back from Lousiana Sunday evening, I went to help Jordan with some last minute packing for his big move the next day.I woke up early on Monday morning to grab us both some coffee to endure what was to come that day. I was delighted to receive a beautiful, red cup and had to play some Christmas music while I drank my coffee. We started moving him into his new apartment around 8am and finished by 2pm (with the help of movers).I got such a strange feeling seeing his place so empty. I had mixed emotions of being so excited for him to move into his new, awesome apartment and sadness leaving behind a place that we had built such happy memories together in, but I found peace and happiness knowing what great memories were to come in his new home. We stopped by Lupe Tortilla for some fajitas after moving everything over and before I had to head to work. After such an exhausting day, we relaxed by having some wine & beer while we watched Narcos season 3 (absolutely love this show btw). Wednesday evening, I went to my parents for some Taco pasta and Christmas tree decorating.We spent the evening fighting over perfect ornament spots, listening to Christmas music, watching funny TV shows, and getting to see Hud lose his first tooth!! ​

​Thursday morning, I woke up bright and early to head to the NRG Center to tailgate with Jordan’s Mom, ShaRon, her cousin Keri, and sister Nicole before we headed inside for the Nutcracker Market. The mimosas were a perfect start to our day. I can’t even explain to y’all how amazing it is when you first walk inside the NRG Center for the event. I had never been to the Nutcracker Market before, but I can honestly say that it is a Christmas shopping Wonderland. There is an insane amount of people and an overwhelming amount of things to look through, but everyone is so sweet and happy to be there. Drinking and shopping is a very fun, yet dangerous activity.

Brittany, ShaRon’s other sister, Jeanene, and Jeanene’s daughter, Lauren, all joined us at the Market around lunch time.I left around 5pm to head to Olive Garden to celebrate Mila’s 3rd birthday. I was so excited to see her and Jordan. Jordan ordered a chicken and shrimp scampi,Mila ordered a kid’s cheese pizza,and I ordered the chicken Parmesan. It was all delicious. Mila was so sweet that night, asking Jordan and I both for birthday hugs and kisses. Friday morning, I met all the ladies (plus Jordan’s grandmother, Rita) to get our nails done. We enjoyed more mimosas/wine and some amazing pedicures. Friday evening, we all met up again at a place called, “Junkin Gypsy” for some wood craftwork. Each of us had to email the owner of the shop (Brooke) to let her know what we wanted to design and what kind of wood pieces we would need to use. My design required a 4-foot piece of wood. Each of us got our wood pieces to sand and stain ourselves. It was such a cool thing to get to do and I’m glad to know that it’s something I’m more than capable of doing.We had some more wine to drink while we crafted. 😉🍷 Once the stain finished drying, they gave you vinyl to place on your wood so that you can trace whatever design you want. You can also add color on top of your stain for a more rustic look, like ShaRon did. I chose to make something to hang stockings on since I don’t live somewhere with a fireplace yet, but I love it so much that I could see myself using it even when I do have a fireplace one day. It says “The stockings were hung….”Nicole saved our lives by picking up a tray of Chick-fil-a nuggets. Those nuggets always hit the spot. Everyone’s finished products! Saturday evening Jordan and I went to the Showboat Drive-In Theater to see “Thor: Ragnarok.”I had never been to a drive-in theater before, but I absolutely loved the experience. Jordan and I set up some lawn chairs in the back of his truck to sit and watch the movie. We actually had some cooler weather that night, so it felt really nice outside. Sunday, Jordan and I went to the Texas Renaissance Festival. Our first stop was to get some food. I obviously got a turkey leg and Jordan got a gyro.  We had so much fun walking around the entire place watching shows and looking at the neat little shops. Going to the Ren Fest has always been one of my favorite things to do because I love the history, art and music from that time era and getting to feel like I’m actually in it for a day is so much fun. I loved getting to experience going to one of my favorite places with Jordan. ❤️

I had so much fun writing this post because every event I wrote about was so exciting. I hope that you all have a wonderful week and I hope to get you all up to speed in my next post or two. Happy Monday everybody!

XOXO, Paige.

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