Birthday’s and an Anniversary

My 22nd birthday was the Monday after all the hurricane madness, but I made the best of it and had awesome family and friends to help make the day so special!I started my day at Coco Crêpes with Jordan, Brittany, and Mila. Brittany and I ordered crêpes with Nutella, strawberries, and chocolate sauce. Jordan’s had eggs, cheddar cheese, and sausage with wild mushroom sauce. We also got Mila some strawberry gelato. After crêpes, we had fun shopping at Target and party city before decorating for my party.  

My grandparents hosted my birthday at their house. It was so much fun and they made the place look great!

​Jordan slaved away in the awful heat making some of those pork ribs I talked about in my last post. They were amazing!! My grandmother also made some ranch style beans and butter noodles that tasted great with it!So my cake didn’t turn out as planned, but we ended up making it a princess with some strawberry lips. It tasted great 🙂 Jordan also got me these awesome balloons that were the highlight for all the pictures. We all had such a fun time talking, eating, and hanging out in the pool. It’s weird getting older, but I had such a great day. 💕 I had my first PSL of the season on September 7th. I usually never wait that long, but since there was a curfew in Houston due to the storm, things were closing early and I kept missing my chance to get one. I am glad I ended up waiting until the 7th though because we actually had some cooler weather that day, so it was perfect. I also met up with Bailey that day for some salads at Salata and birthday shopping for Hudson. We had fun looking around Box Lunch in the Willowbrook mall and finding Hudson an army man costume at the Halloween store.Friday, I went to get my nails done at this new, awesome place called Gossip & Co. Nail Salon. The place was gorgeous inside, they give great massages, do your nails perfectly, and give you two free drinks. After I finished my nails, I went to Pappasito’s so Brittany could be my waitress during Happy Hour. I forgot to eat lunch, so I was absolutely starving!Hudson’s 6th birthday was on Saturday, September 9th. We had so much fun exploring Danny’s Trix and Kix trying on Halloween costumes, looking at tons of toys at Toys R Us, and going to his favorite restaurant for dinner and cake. We went to Rico’s for an early dinner and sang “happy birthday” to Hud. He got an awesome chocolate cake that tasted amazing. He’s so stinking cute and it was so good getting to see my whole family.  That same day was also ShaRon’s birthday, so later that evening I attended her fun surprise birthday at Mia Bella. Jordan & I split some pasta and Brittany & I split some wine. After dinner, we went to Whiskey River for some drinks and dancing. It was so much fun!! Jordan and I hit up Whatabuger afterwards (I ate so much that evening it’s actually embarrassing to post, but whatever). ​

September 10th was Jordan and I’s one year anniversary. I cried so many times while making this video of our first year together.​He had me keep my eyes shut the entire car ride and surprised me at a wine and painting place. I wasn’t expecting it at all, but I absolutely loved it and was so happy he thought of it. We were also both very pleased with how our paintings turned out. Mine is already hanging up in my apartment. 😊 Since about January, I had been writing love letters to Jordan in this cute little book I found. It gave me chills watching him read all of them throughout the day. We got dinner and margarita’s at El Tiempo, which was really cool because that’s where we ate dinner the night we started dating. Not too surprising since we eat there a lot, but it meant a lot to me to go back to where it all began. ❤️I ordered chicken quesadillas and a skinny margarita.Jordan ordered some crab nachos and a margarita on the rocks. We walked around the vintage for a bit after dinner since we had been sitting all day. 

After waking we went to sit some more at the movie theater. We saw “IT,” which I found very creepy. I’m not scared of clowns, but that actor played IT so well with his voice and facial expressions. I’ve had Jordan creeping up on me since we saw it, saying “Hiya Georgie” or “Hiya Paigey” in that same voice and it just makes me cringe. 

But, regardless of the scary movie that I did in fact enjoy going to see, we had an awesome day together. I loved getting to celebrate “us.” ❤️

I know I’m still a couple weeks behind, but I’m making some progress and can’t wait to be back with my next post!! 

XOXO, Paige.

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