Special Occasions and a New Tattoo!

Hello everyone, I hope that the last few weeks have treated you kindly. The Houston weather is quickly getting hotter and hotter, but thankfully my family has a pool to cool off in so I have still been spending lots of time around the water.The Saturday before Father’s Day, one of my good friends, Becca, got married. She had a beautiful wedding at the Woodlands Country Club and I had an amazing night with my sister and best friend. 

The three of us had a blast drinking/clinking our champagne, getting all dolled up, and dancing. They served cheese and crackers on this cute display during cocktail hour.

Mr. And Mrs. Armstrong!!!!​ ​The dinner was absolutely delicious!! From the buffet I got roast beef, chicken, vegetable medley, green beans, potatoes, rice mix, pasta, and bread. Joe and Becca met on Tinder, so these were the gifts they gave all of their wedding guests. I really think that Tinder should promote their story.   Becca looked absolutely beautiful! After the reception, they served these cute little burgers, fries, and grilled cheese with tomato soup as midnight snacks before everyone headed home. I haven’t been to any weddings as an adult until this night, so it was fun to not only enjoy a wedding in a different way, but to see one of my friends get married.  Father’s Day was spent mostly by the pool, but we went to Hopdoddy for some delicious burgers at dinner time and then went to see the new Mummy movie. We had such a nice and relaxing day celebrating our father. The following Tuesday evening, my sister and I went to get tattoos. Her birthday was that upcoming Thursday, so I wanted to get her one as a present and go enjoy the experience with her. She got an outline of Arya Stark (from Game of Thrones) because it’s one of her favorite characters.I have been wanting a Cinderella tattoo for a couple years now, so I finally decided to bite the bullet and do it! Cinderella’s story has always been one of my favorites. Her ability to maintain courage and kindness no matter how she was treated always inspired me growing up and even to this day she is my idol. I am obsesssed with the simplicity of this tattoo and am so happy with how it turned out. It’s nice to get a constant  reminder of what I aspire to be each and every day. My sister turned 20 years old thag Thursday and she wanted a Game of Thrones themed party. We served some amazing Game of Thrones themed food! I ate way too much, but it was worth it. And some fun decorations! We cannot wait for season 7 to begin this Sunday!! The Friday after Bailey’s birthday, I had booked professional makeup appointments at Chanel for us. We had so much fun getting our makeup done togeteher and planned to meet friends for dinner afterwards. 

We met a couple friends and Jordan at Hopdoddy for dinner and then I joined Jordan at MO’s Irish Pub for a drink. 

Jordan and I made it to church that Sunday morning for a very inspiring service. I loved getting to experience that with him and always love going to church. 

I will be writing about the Fourth of July, Summer fun, and workout plans in my next post. Hope y’all have an amazing week and I’ll be back for my next recap very soon!!

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