Yummy Food, The Super Bowl, and Circuits!!

Hi y’all, I’m finally back for another recap! I hope that you have all be doing well, enjoying the nice weather, and staying away from the colds and flu’s going around. I’m sitting outside at Coco Crepes to enjoy the cool breeze along with the warm sunshine while I write my post today. I’m a couple weeks behind (yet again), so this recap begins on Sunday, January 22nd. Sunday evening my dad made the family some chicken, brussel sprouts, and broccoli cheese rice. We all had full bellies for a relaxing Sunday evening. The following Tuesday, I spent the day getting some organizing done, met Jordan at the gym for a good workout, and came home to a delicious dinner cooked by my Mother. 

That next Wednesday I started to feel pretty crummy… My entire family had been sick the previous week and then Jordan got sick. About 2 days later it got to me. I don’t really know if we all had a cold or the flu, but I was in bed from Thursday-Saturday afternoon and I absolutely hated it. Friday night, Jordan went to pick up some Taco Bell, while I got the cold medicine ready for us to take. We decided to spend our Friday night eating tacos and watching movies in bed since we both needed rest. I love how a simple evening like that turned out to be one of my favorite nights. 

During that weekend, I got out of bed to meet Bailey, Brittany, and Jordan to see “Split.” It was such an intense movie with some great acting by James McAvoy. 

Saturday evening, Jordan and I met my family for dinner at Lupe Tortilla. I had some of the best beef fajitas from there, but forgot to take some pictures… After dinner, we all went to Barnes and Noble for some fun. Going to the book store is one of my favorite things to do and it was even more fun going with my favorite people. Sunday afternoon, I went to take pictures with my skating team for World’s. We all got into our matching red, white, and blue jackets and headed to this railroad track. To be honest, I was a little nervous a train was going to come run us all over, but we survived and got some cute pictures. After the photo shoot, I met with my family and Jordan for some sushi and hibachi. Once we all filled our bellies we went to cry our eyes out while watching, “A Dog’s Purpose.” I may have cried 3 times, but it really was a great, heartfelt movie. The following Monday I was finally starting to feel better other than the body aches that I still had. I made myself a cup of coffee and went outside to enjoy the nice weather. When I came home from early morning coaching on Tuesday, I made myself a delicious egg & bacon bagel and then got to working on my apartment. I’ve been focusing on organizing my place last week and this week and have also been doing some more decorating. I love how this wall is turning out and cannot wait to do even more with it. Tuesday evening, I met Jordan at the gym and then he made us both dinner. He baked two different types of tilapia, one with Parmesan cheese and one with a lemon pepper seasoning. He also made some Parmesan noodles and I made some of our favorite brown rice/black bean mix. The dinner tasted great and we enjoyed eating it in bed while watching “Conan the Barbarian.” ​

Jordan and I worked out our legs last Wednesday evening. We decided to make a video to show y’all exactly how he slide into my DM’s and got my number. Lol!​After our workout, I made us one of my favorite meals, Croque-Madame. I paired it with seasoned red potatoes and some extra eggs. Sooo yummy! Thursday morning I was in the mood for a good breakfast, so I made myself some poached eggs and two slices of toast. I used Nutella spread for one slice of toast and some light butter for the other. If you’re ever having a bad sweet tooth, a little Nutella is the way to go! After coaching on Thursday morning, I met my sister at Coco Crepes for lunch because it was National Crepe Day. I ended up going with a Nutella and strawberry crepe that day since Nutella couldn’t get off my mind and the strawberries just tasted so amazing and fresh.  

Bailey and I have been having some great lunches conversing about the trip we’re planning to Croatia. We can’t wait to have our flights and hotels booked for her 21st birthday trip next year. This past Friday was day 1 of circuit training with my brother, sister, and Fallon. We have decided to meet up Monday-Friday during the late mornings to do circuits at the gym and we’re all super excited/motivated to train hard. Day 1 was filled with some hard workouts focused primarily on our legs & core, but was overall a full body workout. It was great!! 

My siblings and I grabbed some Chipotle for lunch afterwards. I ordered a burrito bowl with brown rice, black beans, steak, a little cheese, and guacamole.Friday night was the beginning of Jordan’s weekend with Mila. I met him at his parents house for some pizza and family time. We watched “London has fallen” and during the movie, my two cuties crashed. I promised Hudson and Mila that I would take them skating, so we all made it up to the rink for a short skate on Saturday. They both did a great job 🙂After skating, we all ate lunch at Santa Fe Flats. Jordan used to work here when he was younger and since we’ve been dating he has been telling me about this delicious meal. It was called Pollo Del Mar and it was a chicken stuffed with shrimp and Monterrey jack cheese with a garlic white wine sauce, mushrooms, and served over a bed of Spanish rice. This turned out to be one of my new favorite meals.

Saturday evening, Jordan’s siblings came over to his place to watch “The Conjuring 2.” Brittany and I went to McDonald’s to pick up the movie at RedBox and to get ourselves some McFlurry’s. The movie was terrifying in the beginning, but wasn’t as bad through the end, which I was thankful for. I was able to sleep without any nightmares (lol). Super Bowl Sunday was such a fun time!! I have a tradition of wearing my Saints jersey every Super Bowl even though they haven’t made it for quite some time, so I decided to have Bailey make me a shirt for this Super Bowl. I love how it turned out!  This year we went to a family friend’s party and it was such a blast. They had tons of good food, TV’s inside & outside, and lots of fun people. My favorite part was the halftime show of course! Lady Gaga has always been one of my favorite performers and she absolutely killed it. I couldn’t help myself singing out loud along with her, even though I sounded like a dying animal in comparison. This Monday was such an exhausting day and I’m not quite sure if it was because it was just a Monday or because I drank a whole bottle of wine the night before. I dragged myself to the gym after skating to do circuits again with my siblings and Fallon. We worked on a little bit of everything and it felt great! I’m going to try keeping track of what exactly we’re doing in each circuit so I can share it with you guys. 

Monday evening contained coaching, cooking dinner, and the Bachelor. This week’s episode was pretty good! I’m loving Kristina and her story. I also cannot wait for Corrine to leave. After accomplishing more circuits on Tuesday, I came home to make myself an egg bagel. I used a whole wheat bagel, light butter, 2 egg whites, and one whole egg. I decided to try and get some sun after lunch since it was so bright and warm outside. Hudson sat next to me and wanted to listen to my music. We each had an ear bud and listened to some of my favorite songs, along with some songs from the “Trolls” album since he’s obsessed with that movie right now.

I headed back to the gym Tuesday evening to do some weights with Jordan. After killing our weight session, we came home to eat some yummy chili. After coaching Wednesday, I headed to the salon to finally get my hair done. It has been months and months since my hair has been touched, so it feels really nice to have a fresh color and cut. I got some more highlights this time and added some shorter bangs. I love it!Wednesday night, Jordan and I made some late night spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. It tasted so good!!I snapped some shots of 2 of my fur babies because they looked too cute basking in the sun. After coaching yesterday evening, I met Jordan and his family at Black Walnut for dinner. I ordered the Black Walnut dinner, which included grilled chicken, garlic mashed potatoes, roasted veggies, and garlic bread. It tasted amazing. 

I have a lot of fun plans for this weekend that I cannot wait to share with y’all in my next post. I’m going to finish enjoying my crepe now and I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend. ❤

XOXO, Paige.

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