New Year, New Adventures.


I finally found some time to sit down and write the second part of this super long blog post for y’all. This post begins right after Christmas. 

The Wednesday after Christmas, I went with Jordan and Mila to IHOP for a yummy breakfast. I enjoyed some pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, and coffee. The following Thursday, Bailey and I went to the Woodlands for some lunch and shopping with my friend Isabelle. I hadn’t seen Isabelle in forever because she was studying abroad in Scotland for the past semester. I loved getting to catch up and hearing all about her tales of Scotland. On Friday, I got off the ice and was surprised to see my sweet boyfriend sitting in the lobby of the rink. After I got my skates off, we headed out to get some sushi and go for a good workout at the gym.Friday night, Jordan and I went to a place called “Ambriza” for dinner before my grandfather’s birthday party. Jordan’s parents and brother met us for dinner. He and I split beef fajitas, which were to die for, and we each got our own yummy drinks. This is what they used to serve the tortillas in and I thought it was so cute. I need to ask them where they got it from so I can buy one.Saturday morning, I made some fried eggs and gluten-free pancakes. Jordan had never tried gluten-free pancakes before and he really like them. Oh and we also drank coffee together since that’s just what we do now. 😊 Saturday night, we had a little New Year’s Eve bash at our house. This was such a fun party because we invited a few close friends, got all dressed up, and just had a blast. We played games, watched the ball drop, and I received the best New Years kiss ever. The first day of the New Year, I met with my family at Mo’s Irish Pub for a glass of wine to visit with my cousins for a bit. After Mo’s, Jordan came to pick me up for a date. He took me to one of my favorite restaurants (Saltgrass Steakhouse) and a movie. Our waitress at Saltgrass had a hard time getting my extremely healthy (😉) meal correct, but everything worked out in the end and I had a wonderful dinner with my love. We went to see “Rogue One” after dinner and we were both blown away by how good it was. I’m so thankful that I’m with someone who is as excited as I am to go see the new Star Wars movies and who also can’t wait to see the new “Beauty and the Beast” with me. 😊 The next day was my Mom’s birthday. We met up with some family at the Harris County Smokehouse for breakfast and watched movies at home the rest of the day, plus the premiere of the Bachelor. It was a wonderful and relaxing day. The following weekend was my little cousin, Dylan’s, birthday. We all went to a place called “The 7 Acre Woods” for some horseback riding  and country side loving. I even got to hold a baby goat! After the party, everyone dispersed to go watch the Texans game. The next Tuesday morning (January 10th), Jordan and I woke up feeling pretty crappy with some stomach pain and headaches. We both decided to stay in for the morning to rest instead of going to work, so I cooked a nice breakfast for the both of us. That day was also our 4 month anniversary, so it was nice getting to spend the whole day together even if we didn’t feel the best. That evening, we met Jordan’s parents and brother for some BBQ at Rudy’s. This was the first time I’ve ever been there and I loved it!! I’ve never been the biggest BBQ fan even though I’m a Texan, but I really liked this place. I ordered some chicken, Jordan got some jalapeño sausage, and we split a potato salad that was amazing. The next day, I met with my friends, Sandra and Isabelle, for lunch. Isabelle just turned 21, so we all celebrated with mimosa’s at BJ’s. I ordered their lemon thyme chicken, which is served with brown rice and some yummy veggies. Wednesday night, I watched “Beauty and the Beast” with my family because Hudson had never seen it before. I forgot how much I loved that movie. ​

​My coaching has been continuing to flourish over the last few weeks and my schedule for the new year is settling into place. It feels so good!!

After work and dinner on Thursday, I met with some friends and my sister to go see a movie called “Sleepless.” It was a great action movie!!  Last Friday, I went to a boat and RV show at NRG Stadium with Jordan and his family. I had never been to a show like this before and it was super fun. You were able to look and get inside all different kinds of boats and RV’s. I even walked through a yacht for the first time. We had tons of fun taking videos of Jordan as he pretended to own a yacht and was being “interviewed by MTV Cribs” lol. ​After the show, we went to El Tiempo for dinner. My parents were on a date and met us there to have margaritas. I ordered some chicken quesadillas with a skinny margarita and Jordan got the crab nachos with a strawberry margarita. This was the beginning of a very fun night. After dinner, Jordan, Brittany, and I went out to a couple bars for some drinks, pool, and darts. We had such a great time!! Saturday evening, everyone (my family and Jordan’s) went to my grandparents house for some pizza and the Texans game. Even though the Texans lost, it was still a great game to watch and we all had a really fun time.  Another Sunday morning brunch with Jordan. We slept in pretty late and made some yummy food. After some relaxing, Jordan, Davis, and I worked out at the gym. The three of us have been really good about going the last few weeks and I’ve been seeing some exciting results. For Bachelor Monday, my mom made everyone burrito bowls. She made steak, a brown rice/black bean mix, and had tons of yummy toppings. I loved this meal. Tuesday morning after skating, I stopped by La Madeleine because I was craving a hearty breakfast and some “me” time. I sat alone sipping my coffee and enjoyed this delicious meal without getting on my phone or talking to anyone. Sometimes it’s nice to have little peaceful moments like that. My Mom made everyone gluten-free pancakes, scrambled eggs, and bacon for dinner on Wednesday night. It was such a yummy meal to have right after working out.Thursday evening, my Dad made some grilled chicken sliders for the family. I had a couple Buffalo sliders with some light ranch. They were delicious. I had to be up super early on Friday morning for coaching, so I waited until afterwards to make myself breakfast. This meal ended up being one of my favorites. I cooked 2 egg whites and 1 whole egg, put them on a whole wheat sandwich thin that was spread with a little probiotic melt, and I also cooked a slice of ham to add to it. The flavor of this breakfast sandwich was so delicious.Friday evening, my family, Jordan, Mila, and I went to watch Jake Worthington perform for my grandmothers birthday. We had so much fun two-stepping the night away. The cutest thing was watching Hudson and Mila holding hands and dancing together on the empty hardwood floor. Last night, I went out with my friends to Pappasito’s to celebrate my dear friend, Fallon’s, birthday. We had some delicious fajitas and spent the rest of the evening playing an intense game of cards against humanity. 

This week has been mostly filled with workouts, coaching, yummy meals, and spending time with my family and Jordan. I’m starting another Advocare cleanse in the next couple of weeks and I’m going to continue exercising more and more.

I hope that y’all had a wonderful weekend and I’ll be back very soon!

XOXO, Paige.

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  1. DEBBIE DAVIS says:

    As always…love reading about how your spend your days since we are all so busy & don’t get to see y’all often enough. LOVE YOU!!!


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