Christmas 2016!

Hello everyone!!! I hope that all of you had the best Christmas and the happiest New Year. I had such an incredible time spent with my loved ones over the holidays. 

I haven’t blogged in quite a few weeks and sooo much has happened during that time, so I’m going to have to break it up into two posts. I’ve been revisiting my old go to place, “Coco Crepes.” I had taken a break for a little while because I would go so often, but I’ve missed it terribly. My first time back I ordered a Nutella crepe with strawberries and a cappuccino. I wanted to have something sweet, but I usually go with their whole wheat crepe with eggs, feta cheese, and mushroom pesto sauce. Yum!About two weeks before Christmas, my Dad’s company threw an ugly sweater office party. It was fun going to meet some of my Dad’s co-workers. They served Tex-Mex (and wine πŸ˜‹), had karaoke, a polaroid camera, and we also decorated some ugly sweater cookies.  The following weekend was the Nutcracker on Ice at my rink. I worked all weekend helping set up for the show Friday and having two shows on Saturday, but it was worth it. The show turned out to be great!! After the last show, I went to Jordan’s parents house to eat dinner and exchange gifts with his parents. His Mom made some yummy lasagna. I had some coffee mugs custom made for his parents with pictures of all their children and they got me a beautiful choker from Kendra Scott (I’m OBSESSED). The next day, Jordan, Mila, and I met my parents and Hudson for church. It was so nice getting to go with all of them. I love church and I especially love going with the people I love most. They had these cute snowmen and fake snow set up for a photo, so we took advantage of that. Hudson and Mila had a blast throwing the fake snow everywhere, including all over us. After church, we all went to the mall for some last minute Christmas shopping. The rest of my family met with us there, plus some of our cousins and Jordan’s family ended up coming as well. The kids (and Dad’s) can’t go to the mall without a carousel ride. 

Sunday evening we had a little white elephant party with some friends, but I didn’t get any pictures… It was super fun!! I got to spend Monday with Miss Mila. We had tons of fun eating Nilla wafers, watching Disney movies, and playing with toys. 😊Monday evening, my whole family went to Jordan’s parents house for a Christmas dinner. Our families have been friends for years because my brother, Davis, and Jordan’s brother, Luke, played baseball together. It feels like we’re all one big giant family now. 

They made some delicious chili for dinner and cookies for desert. They also created these cute little place settings for each of us.Brittany wanted to take an awkward family picture because when the boys were younger, Luke had a crush on Bailey and Davis had a crush on Brittany. It’s funny how things work out. We went out for some fajitas at Pappasito’s with the family the Wednesday before Christmas. I always love going out for dinner with our families.The Friday night before Christmas, was my family’s annual PJ movie day. This year Bailey made each and every one of us a sweatshirt with different “Elf” quotes on each one. We decided to do our PJ movie day at a house this year instead of going out for dinner and a movie because there were no Christmas movies that any age could watch, but it still turned out to be a great time. I love my giant family. On Christmas Eve, my siblings, my cousin Taylor, her boyfriend, and I went out to have crepes and to do some REALLY last minute Christmas shopping. It was about 80 degrees outside, but somehow it felt like Christmas and turned out to be a very fun day.  That evening, my dad made hot dogs and chili for dinner and I worked on a gift that I was giving to Jordan. I love how this frame turned out! Christmas morning is one of my absolute favorite times. I love looking at everyone’s faces when they open their gifts. My family got me so many cool gifts, including my very own crepe maker. I can’t wait to start using that bad boy!After each of us spent our mornings with our families, I met Jordan at his apartment to exchange gifts with him and Mila. We had such a wonderful time spending our first Christmas together and I loved how thoughtful each gift Jordan gave me was. We took so many great pictures that really show the joy in each of our faces. 

More family came over in the evening for dinner (cooked by my amazing Mother) and more gifts. Later that evening, Brittany and Luke came by and we all played a super funny game of “Speak Out.”​

I hope that you all had an amazing Christmas!! I will be back to write about my New Year’s Eve celebration and more very soon.

XOXO, Paige.​

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