Thanksgiving Break!

Hello everyone, as the week after the holiday has settled down I’ve finally gotten some time to write you all a recap post.

I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving break. I absolutely enjoyed every  single second of mine.

Now where to begin…..
A few days before Matt & Shay headed back to Australia, we took them to the batting cages to teach Matt how to play baseball. He was actually pretty great for a first timer. After the batting cages, we all hit up Buffalo Wild Wings. I ordered their boneless, spicy garlic wings along with a few glasses of merlot. The following weekend was Brittany’s 21st birthday. I ended up coming down with a throat infection the Thursday and Friday before her birthday, so I wasn’t ready to party very hard (lol), but it was still a good time dancing the night away and taking some great pictures.  Everyone looked amazing that night. I couldn’t take my eyes off of my handsome boyfriend. 😍All day the following Sunday we just relaxed while Hudson and Mila played. I love lazy Sunday’s.My uncle, his two kids (Ellie & Charlie), and my grandmother all came in town the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. My dad made all of us some delicious basil, pesto chicken, bean salad, broccoli and cheese rice, and salad for dinner.On Wednesday, we all went to the mall. What is a visit to the mall without a carousal ride?  Ellie loved Jordan. It was super cute. We checked out a new store in the mall called, Zara. Davis and Jordan had the time of their lives in there trying on tons of different things. My favorite was this Michael Jackson look that they were totally pulling off. Thursday morning came around and Jordan and I were in dying need of coffee. Jordan just recently started drinking coffee occasionally and I have been so supportive of his decision. You all know how much I love my coffee, so I have been very excited, so excited that I took a picture of him drinking some in front of me for the first time. I’m pretty sure he thinks I’m a weirdo, but that’s probably why he loves me. 😉 My Mom made some yummy pigs in the blanket and a very good hash brown/egg/jalapeño mix for breakfast before she started slaving away in the kitchen making Thanksgiving dishes. I love our tradition of eating breakfast while watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with everyone.I made some pumpkin, snicker doodle, cream cheese filled cookies from scratch for Thanksgiving. Jordan had tagged me in a recipe on Facebook when we first started dating, so I finally got around to actually making them. He helped me fill the cookie dough with cream cheese and form the dough into balls without the cream cheese seeping through. I was very impressed with his baking skills. I mean what more can a girl really ask for? Everyone came over at 6pm for Thanksgiving dinner. We had ham, turkey, sweet potatoes, broccoli and cheese casserole, green bean casserole, corn casserole, mashed potatoes, bread rolls, gravy, stuffing, cranberry, and lots of wine. It was an amazing feast and such a wonderful time spent with my family.Bright and early Friday morning, Jordan and I headed to his grandparents farm to spend the rest of the weekend in the country. It was amazing!I couldn’t get over how beautiful and peaceful it was out there. Jordan’s Dad took us on a golf cart ride around the farm to show me everything. I was able to get pretty close to some cows, even though they didn’t let me pet them and I walked through a pasture for the first time. I love little adventures like this and I also love that Jordan is bringing the country out of my Texas born self. ❤️    Friday evening, I played cards against humanity with Jordan, his aunt Nicole, her husband Dave, Brittany, and Jordan’s little brother, Luke. I won. End of story. Jordan’s Dad, E.L., made some Axis chili over rice. I had never tried any type of deer meat before, but I absolutely loved it. We all ate our chili outside around the fire and right after we finished eating chili, we started roasting s’mores. I don’t think I let myself feel hungry that entire week. 

E.L., Jordan, and I trying to stay warm around the fire.

On Saturday, I shot a gun for my very first time. I was very nervous, so nervous that my arms were shaking throughout this entire video, but I had SO much fun.Jordan and E.L. taught me how to hold and aim the shotgun. I ended up shooting about 6 skeet. I was honestly quite impressed with my shooting skills, but they of course were all way better than me. I don’t think either of the boys missed a shot.

He cracks me up. I don’t think a day has gone by that he hasn’t made me laugh. This week has been filled with coaching, working out, and Christmas gift shopping.

Monday night, Jordan made some pork ribs, garlic butter noodles, and mixed veggies for dinner. We ate this yummy meal while we watched “Lawless.” I had forgotten how good that movie was. Last night, I went to Jordan’s apartment to help him and Mila put their Christmas tree up. Jordan’s Mom, ShaRon, did such a good job at making his tree look beautiful.Once the tree was all finished, Jordan and I went on a spontaneous sushi date at a place called, Waza. I was really thankful we ended up getting some special time together because he left this morning to go hunting for the weekend. Plus, the sushi was amazing.

I hope that you all have an incredible weekend. Mine will be filled with lots of fun Christmas festivities that will most likely continue each weekend until the New Year. I’ll be back to write very soon!

XOXO, Paige.

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