Fall is Coming

Hello everyone, I hope that you all enjoyed your last few week’s of summer and are settling into your fall schedules nicely. Last week my fall work schedule began and this past Monday, one of my college courses began.

I haven’t written in a while, so I have quite a bit to write about. This past month I have been trying to fill each week with fun stuff that will most likely be impossible to do once all of my classes start. A few weeks ago, I had a girls night with my Mom, sister, aunt, and grandmother. We went out for some sushi and watched “Bad Moms.” That movie was one of the funniest things I’ve ever watched. My sushi was also delicious. I ordered a California roll, but added a little bit of spicy mayo on top.I’ve been obsessed with making egg whites, turkey bacon, and whole wheat English muffins for breakfast. It’s such a filling and healthy breakfast.  I also, recently made a healthy Parmesan chicken. It was a super easy meal! I baked some chicken with tomato basil sauce, basil, and mozzarella cheese. I also, whipped up some wheat angel hair pasta to mix with the tomato basil sauce. I moved around some furniture in my apartment to have some more space to workout and stretch at home. I love to make things as convenient as possible so that I can make working out happen easily.I was beyond excited when my Mom brought home these pumpkin spice latte k-cups. As all of you should know by now, I am OBSESSED with almost anything pumpkin flavored and pumpkin spice latte’s are one of my favorite things. The k-cups definitely weren’t as spectacular as the PSL’s actually from Starbucks, but they were yummy and did the trick. I also advise that you add some whipped cream and sprinkle some pumpkin pie spice and cinnamon on top of your k-cup PSL’s to make them even better.

When I went to see “Suicide Squad” I brought my own snacks with me. Movie theater’s make the prices of their food and drinks so expensive and almost all of the food there is unhealthy, so I packed some skinny popcorn and a mixture of milk & dark chocolate almonds. Also, I loved “Suicide Squad” so much that I saw it twice! Definitely a must see movie and no one could have played Harley Quinn better than Margot Robbie. A couple of weekends ago I was able to catch up with two of my best friends because one of them just graduated from college. Both of them have been going to school in College Station, so getting together hasn’t been as easy as it used to be, but it makes me appreciate every minute we share together even more.A couple of weeks ago, I had some fun out in the rain with my family and my friend, Brittany. We went out for some Tex-Mex (our favorite) and spent the rest of the night just dancing and having fun.This was one of my favorite days!! A couple of weeks ago, my family, our friend Brian, and I went to the museum. Hudson hadn’t ever been and Brian had been dying to see the Planetarium. We saw dinosaur fossils, mummies, Egyptian archaeology, the Planetarium, and much more!! From a very young age, I have loved learning more and more about history and wanting to be an archaeologist. I remember when I was really little, I would beg my Dad to take me to Egypt to see the pyramids. It was so much fun enjoying the museum with my family, who were equally as excited as I was.One Sunday after church, my family and I had lunch at Brio. I ordered their chicken Marsala, which was super yummy and fairly low calorie. We also took some pictures and the one of Hud and I is now one of my absolute favorite pictures!Last Friday, I changed my hair!!! I have been blonde for 3 years now and have had the itch to go dark, but I’ve been terrified to do it. I didn’t go fully dark, but I added a lot of lowlights and I am so in love with it.That evening I went to El Tiempo (again!!) with Brittany, her parents, and my family. We had such a fun time. Brittany and my sister secretly went to the waiter and told him my birthday was coming up so I received the whole Tex-Mex birthday show, which includes wearing a sombrero, being sung to, and getting whipped cream put on your face.Last Saturday, I drove to Austin with my family and grandparents for my cousin’s birthday party. My cousin lives in Australia and I haven’t seen her in 3 years, so it was amazing to see her and her daughter! At the beginning of this week, my birthday festivities began! My birthday is this upcoming Sunday, but I have been celebrating this entire week. On Tuesday, I went to lunch with my friends, Sandra and Jordynn. We went to a very cute place in downtown Houston.On Septemeber 1st, the legendary pumpkin spice latte’s came out at Starbucks!!! As soon as I got off work on Thursday morning, I met up with my family to have one of these amazing latte’s and a pumpkin bread. I’m serious when I tell y’all that my family and I treat the day that PSL’s come out like it’s an actual holiday. By the way, the PSL’s are better this year than ever before! Go get one!When I got back to work on Thursday evening, one of my students brought me a PSL and some pumpkin spice cookies for my birthday. I can’t even tell y’all how happy I was! That same morning, one of my adult, ice dance students serenaded me with a Mexican birthday song and gave me a bottle of sparkling wine as well as a forever “21” gift card. I have the best students!! Thursday night, I met up with my family and some of their friends for drinks and dinner a new sports bar to watch the Texans play. It was so much fun!! This Friday, I took both of my younger brothers to skate. I’ve been trying to convince Hudson to become my ice dancing protégé. We shall see what happens! Friday evening, I went out with Brittany and her family for some dinner and drinks!!

This week has been filled with tons of early birthday fun!! I cannot wait to update y’all about the weekend of my 21st birthday! I hope that you all have an incredible Labor Day weekend and ask that you all have a drink for me on Sunday. Love you all! 

XOXO, Paige. 

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