Super Long Recap!


It’s recap post time!! It feels like I haven’t done a recap in forever and I have a ton to write about!

My last recap post ended at the Jim Gaffigan show, so this timeline is going to be kind of wonky. I’m going to start with Wednesday, July 13th.

Wednesday night, my family and I went out for dinner and a movie. My parents didn’t go see “Tarzan” with us, so we went to see that. I’m pretty sure it was my idea because that movie was seriously awesome, plus I kind of wanted to see Alexander Skarsgård on the big screen one more time. 😉 

Before the movie we ate at a restaurant called “El Tiempo,” which is a great Tex-Mex place located in one of our favorite areas.

I had to take a picture of all these people playing Pokemon Go. Apparently the Vintage is a hotspot (or Pokey-stop) for the game.

We had a little break between dinner and the movie, so we walked over to the tobacco shop and purchased some cigars to pass the time.

That following Friday we decided to have a shopping day in the Woodlands. It was wonderful getting to spend time with our friends, Brianna & Brittany. We ate lunch at a place called, “The Counter,” where you can build your own unique burgers or chicken sandwiches. I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich on wheat bread with bacon and provolone cheese. It was delicious! 

Saturday morning, I woke up and made myself a cappuccino in this adorable coffee mug I bought the day before. I loved how vintage this mug looked and just had to buy it.

Monday, my brother and I had our first 3 mile run! I also sported my new running shoes. I bought myself a pair of Asics with hope that my plantar Fasciitis wouldn’t interfere with our training and to my delight I haven’t had to deal with any foot pain yet (knock on wood)!

My little brother has become obsessed with making everyone in the family a cup of coffee. No one wanted any one afternoon, so he made himself a cup. I just had to take a picture of him because he is so stinking cute!Thursday evening, my Dad made a terrific steak dish. We had steak, a super yummy bean salad, and cauliflower potatoes. 

Friday morning I went to the gym for some running and weights with my family and friend Fallon. After the gym we had some lunch at Chipotle. I love getting a bowl with brown rice, black beans, chicken, and some mozzarella cheese.Friday night I went to see “Mike and Dave need wedding dates” with my sister and friend, Allison. The movie was hilarious. After the movie, we decided to stop by IHOP for some desert. Chocolate chip pancakes are the BEST!

Monday, I started my Advocare 10-Day Cleanse again. My body needed to rid itself from the toxins that built up from bad food choices and I just needed a reboot. The cleanse makes me feel so good and I am always happy with the results it brings. After running, I made myself one of my favorite recipes. I cooked 2 egg whites and 1 whole egg with a red potato. I cooked the red potato with basil, light olive oil, garlic powder, and sprinkled some mozzarella cheese.  

After every run, Davis and I make sure that we have a good stretch session. I used to be so flexible when I was training in skating and I finally feel the flexibility coming back. No more tight hamstrings for Paige. I also have a goal of getting Davis to touch his toes without bent knees. Lol! 

My Mom makes a delicious Chinese chicken dish for dinner sometimes. She made it for the family to eat Tuesday night while we watched the Bachelorette. Who all is caught up with this season of the show? I think it was my favorite season even though my favorite guys weren’t picked… I felt so bad for Robby and Chase.

Thursday evening my mom made some tilapia and brown rice mix. This is one of my absolute favorites! I just love the way that she seasons her tilapia and this brown rice mix, consisting of whole grain long brown rice, black beans, and onions, is to die for.Saturday evening was spent in College Station. Some of my students were competing on Sunday morning, so I spent the night in a hotel up there. It was fun spending the night alone in a hotel. I love all aspects of traveling even if it is only an hour away from home.
This was the last competition of the season for my students. It was really fun and they all skated beautifully.

When I returned home from College Station, I went to see the new Jason Bourne movie with my family. It was amazing!! I love action movies just as much as I love watching rom-com’s!

This last week has consisted of working, running, and being sick with a cold & stomach bug. It hasn’t been the best week, but it’s been productive. I started week 4 of marathon this past Monday and I’m still loving it! Since I’ve been sick the last week, I have had to take more walking breaks during my runs than I would like… Davis has also been having some pain in his right rib area, which has prevented him from running with me the last few times. I’m hoping his pain goes away very soon, but until then I’m going to keep training.

Friday morning, I met my sister and friend Brittany for crepes and coffee. I haven’t had a crepe in a while, so it tasted amazing. 
Later that evening, I watched the opening ceremony for the Summer Olympics with my family and grandparents. I always love watching the athletes from all of the different countries walk together, wearing their matching outfits. I cannot wait to watch the Olympics games!

This weekend I plan to rest and simply enjoy time with my family and friends. I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend and if you’re sick like me, I hope that you feel better very soon!! I will be back very soon. 

XOXO, Paige.

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