Sunday Funday

Hey y’all!! I hope that you all had a great weekend. Mine was very nice, but Sunday turned out to be such an incredible day!

I started my morning off at church. Last Sunday I slept through the latest service and missed it, so I wanted to make sure I made it this Sunday.

I almost let myself sleep in again, but I knew that I needed to go, I needed my spirit to be lifted. I’ve expressed lately that I have been going through bouts of feeling very negative and sad and I can’t pinpoint why exactly I have been feeling this way, but I do know that I have no reason to be. I have the most loving family, a beautiful roof over my head, yummy food, and many other things to be thankful for. My main problem is that I worry about so many things and I overthink almost everything for no reason and it gets me so worked up sometimes. 

Yesterday’s service was such a powerful message for me. Just going to church reminded me of how there are still kind people in the world. I felt so comfortable around people I didn’t know and happy when they held the door open for me or simply said “hello.” It was such a nice thing to experience while hearing about all of the horror taking place in our world. The service also reminded me to not worry about things, to pray when I start to worry, and to remember that God has a plan for me. None of us can make our lives go the way we think they should go. Starting yesterday I decided to put all of my faith in Him and to just enjoy life. I go through every day trying to control everything instead of being thankful and happy for the wonderful life I was given, but I’m not letting that happen anymore.

After church, I met my family for one of the best days ever!! We ate lunch at Piada and I ordered the pasta carbonara, which is Angel hair pasta, spinich, grilled chicken, bacon, and Parmesan Alfredo sauce.On a whim we decided to go to the Aquarium in Downtown Houston. It was gray outside when we got there, which was a blessing since the sun wasn’t beaming down on us all day! 

We were able to see tons of different fish, snakes, and even a snow tiger. It was so much fun! Fun fact: a snow tiger is actually my favorite animal. 

We took a little train ride that took us through a tunnel that was also a shark aquarium. Hudson kept his ears covered because the train would loudly toot it’s horn every once in a while.

After the aquarium, we had dinner at a place called The Hobbit Cafe. 

I heard about this place when I was going to school at UH, but I never had a chance to try it. It was awesome!!

Everything that we ate tasted great!! I loved how they had all of their sandwiches named after things from the Hobbit.

I had a delicious glass of Malbec with my meal. I loved the glass that they served it in.
Gollum was creeping in the corner.
All of the decor in the cafe was so cool! They had paintings and drawings from the books and original cartoons, along withtons of replicas and movie posters.

Since it was National Ice Cream Day yesterday, I had some coffee ice cream with a couple more glasses of Malbec to end the wonderful day!

Having such a great experience on Sunday really helped me feel positive again. We can accomplish so much in life with a good mindset.

Davis and I got in our 3 mile run and also did some weight training. 

Can’t wait to watch the Bachelorette this evening!!

I hope that you all have a great week and remember to stay positive!! Love you all and I’ll be back very soon!

XOXO, Paige.

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