Game of Thrones

Holy Mother of Dragons! So last night my sister, our friend, and myself had an evening of Game of Thrones.

I tried to give myself a Daenerys Targaryen hairstyle. I had these braids on either side of my head and also curled my hair.

“I drink and I know things.” -Tyrion Lannister

My sister made each of us an awesome shirt. ❤️
I have been a huge Game of Thrones fan for the last three years and always tell my family about what’s going on in Westeros and across the Narrow Sea, even though they don’t care one bit. My sister finally decided to start watching it a few weeks ago and is now on season 4, so last night we watched a couple of episodes. 

My Mother made us a “Feast for Queens,” which consisted of rotisserie chicken, corn, mashed red potatoes, and French bread. 

My sister also baked a cake because we made our Game of Thrones day a tiny celebration for her and Sam’s birthday, which are only 6 days apart. 

And that concludes our Game of Thrones night. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s season finale. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I know I will! 

XOXO, Paige.

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