Such a Busy Summer!

Hello everyone, I hope that you have all been well! I feel like I’ve been doing things non-stop for the past month. I apologize for not writing recently, but I promise that I did the best I could with this recap post.

Where to begin….

The Sunday after my last blog post, I tried a new restaurant with my family. A place called “Piada” had opened that Friday. The restaurant serves Italian street food and changes there menu each season. I had some wonderful pasta that consisted of angel hair noodles, chicken, spinach, bacon, and a Parmesan sauce. I want to go back soon and try more things on their menu and I can’t wait to see what they will be serving in the Fall/Winter.

The following Monday was filled with salads, salads, and more salads. Just kidding, but I did have a Caesar salad for lunch and dinner. For lunch I stopped by Panera bread and ordered a large salad, which was delicious, and for dinner I baked some lemon basil chicken and cooked some lemon pepper shrimp to go with Caesar salad for everyone to eat while we watched the Bachelorette. The chicken and shrimp were a big hit!
I made myself another salad that week (I’ve been obsessed lately). I boiled some shrimp in lemon juice and garlic powder. It was delicious!

My boss and I having some fun after competing against each other.
That weekend, I participated in and coached a competition. The last year I have been helping coach an adult ice dancer and he asked me to compete with him. It was such a fun weekend getting to compete against other coaches/my boss for fun. My entire family came to watch us compete, which brought back so many amazing memories. Would love to do it again! I coached my little munchkins on the last day of the competition. They all did an awesome job and looked absolutely beautiful.I tried to tan a bit the last two weeks. I’ve read the first few chapters of “Me Before You,” which is just like the movie so far and I’m very thankful for that.

Hudson saw some action figures he wanted to take pictures of on his “phone” (ipod) to show my Mom for his birthday. Doesn’t he look like a teenager?!
I also took my two brother’s to Barnes & Noble one evening. My youngest brother seems to enjoy the bookstore just as much as I do (which is A LOT!!), but I’m pretty sure it’s because he gets to play on the train table and I usually buy him a giant cookie. Lol!

My mother and sister were asked to bring some stuff from their boutique to a craft show last Saturday. It was amazing watching them make all of these super cute holiday crafts and then set it all up in a beautiful display. I highly recommend y’all check out their awesome stuff on etsy!!

We spent Father’s Day at my grandparents house, playing volleyball and hanging out in the pool. It was such a nice and relaxing day.This past Tuesday, my mother, my two brothers, and I went birthday shopping for my sister. We stopped by La Madeleine for some lunch first!! I ordered myself a cup of coffee and a yummy, pesto pasta.
Somehow I convinced Hudson to take a picture with me. 

Wednesday was my sister’s 19th birthday. We started the day off at the movie theater, watching “Finding Dory,” which was awesome!! Loved every second of that movie. Then we spent the rest of the day hanging out in the pool and sipping on Pinã Colada’s. Such a fun day!

I love this quote because this is exactly what I’ve been doing for the last month. My grandmother has been in town the last 4 weeks and is actually leaving today, so I have spent so much time with my family just enjoying life. We have watched so many movies! We’ve watched “Midnight Special,” which was pretty cool, “The Young Messiah,” “How To Be Single,” “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2,” “The Choice,” “World War Z,” “Burnt,” “The Conjuring,” we went to see “Through The Looking Glass,” and we watched “London Has Fallen.” It was nice getting to spend the evenings watching a bunch of different movies.

I also watched Game of Thrones every Sunday with my grandmother. Ummm who’s seen this week’s episode?! It was amazing!! This season has been my favorite I think, I mean I have loved every season, but this one is even more epic than the rest of them. I am having a GoT day today with my sister and one of our friend’s, can’t wait to share that post with y’all!

I hope that y’all have a great day! I will be back very soon with my Game of Thrones post!! 

XOXO, Paige. ❤️

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