The First Week of Summer My Break!

Hey y’all! I hope that you are all having a fantastic day. I wanted to catch you all up on how cool my first week off school has been.

After theater practice at 6am, I enjoyed a delicious breakfast at La Madeleine.
Last Saturday, I went to my old theater on ice team’s practice to help out. It was so nice to see all of my old teammates and coaches, and just be able to lend a helping hand with the choreography and corrections. If the team places high this year at nationals then they will be going to World’s next year. I’m really considering re-joining the team next year depending on how much extra money I can save this summer.On Sunday evening, my family and I went to go see “Captain America: Civil War.” It was actually my second time to see it, but I loved it just as much the second time. My youngest brother dressed up as the Black Panther, it was adorable.Monday morning I got on the ice at 6:30am to do something called “power class,” which is interval training on the ice. The class is super fun and intense. I haven’t done power class in like 2 years so it definitely kicked my booty! I also skated for another hour and a half after the class was finished. Feels so good to be back out on the ice. 😊

First of all, ignore the messy background of this picture lol. Second, I’ve been obsessed with this updo lately because it’s super easy and elegant/messy looking. All I do is put some extensions in (so that the bun will be thicker), French braid my hair, and then wrap it into a bun.

On Tuesday I went shopping with my sister. I bought way too much stuff, but it is all so pretty. I’m very excited about all of the purchases I made yesterday, even though my bank account isn’t, and I can’t wait to wear everything!!

Today has been an intense day so far, but it has also been awesome!! I woke up and made it to the 6:30am power class again and then skated an extra 2 hours afterwards. I also attended an Orange Theory Fitness class at noon with one of my old skating coaches/my boss, which was super fun!! It was really cool to train with him in the class because it reminded me of when he and I used to work out together back when I was competitively skating and he also helped me understand how the class worked. 

I really loved a lot of things about Orange Theory. First of all, they have everyone in the class wear a heart rate monitor to track your workout and the trainer will tell you which color zone you need to get yourself into and you can look up at TV screens to see where each individual in the class is at. After the class ends, they email you the results of your workout. The thing that I loved most is the type of workouts they do. The entire time you’re either doing circuits with light weights or cardio intervals, which will help you burn tons of calories, lose fat quickly, and sculpt a lean body (which is what I strive for). I think I’m going to go back this week and pay for a month of their classes to see how I feel and if I continue to love it as much as I did today. I think picking skating back up again and doing training like this, whether it’s by myself at the gym or attending these classes, will definitely get my body to where I want it to be. 

After all of that cardio, I came home and made myself some scrambled eggs and gluten-free pancakes. It was delicious and very much deserved and also healthy! 😉

I hope that y’all enjoy the rest of your week!! I will be back soon. ❤️

XOXO, Paige.

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