Finals, Crawfish, and Game of Thrones

Hello everyone, I apologize for being abscent lately. My life has been consumed by school the last few weeks, but yesterday was my last day of finals which means that my Summer break begins now. 😊

Holy cow this week stressful… I can’t even explain to y’all how good it felt to walk out of my last final yesterday evening. I literally had a dance party in my car on the way home.

My best friend sent me this picture and I just thought that it was absolutely hilarious! 

Other than school I would like to talk about a few other things. First of all, who has watched the first three episodes of Game of Thrones season 6?! I’m obsessed. I have been a GoT nerd for a couple years now to the point where I named my car Khaleesi and this season has me so excited. 

These are pictures from the GoT premiere. I let my youngest brother watch the first 20 min of the episode with me even though I had to cover his eyes a couple of times (lol), but this costume was the outcome of all that. I also drank some red wine. I have been craving wine so much lately and I don’t know if it’s from the stress of school, the fact that I just love red wine, or that I’ve been watching the GoT seasons all over again, which consists of Cersei and Tyrion drinking tons of red wine. ❤️

My family had our first annual crawfish boil at our house this past weekend for my Father’s birthday. It was amazing!! My dad made the best crawfish I had ever tasted and I can’t even explain how great the party was. Coming together with everyone to peel and eat the crawfish was such a warming and uniting experience. My family is planning on making the boil an annual deal, which will be great!!

Last week I also started to skate more again and one of the day’s my best friend and her adorable little girl came to join me. Now that finals are over I’m going to be skating and coaching a lot more and I hope that I can keep it up when the Fall semester of school begins. 

I still can’t believe my Summer break has begun. I can’t wait to do everything I want. I want to read books that I haven’t had time to read, I want to run & skate whenever I want, I want to stay up late because I can, watch movies with my family, and go have fun with my friends.😊 I’m so excited!!! 

I hope that all of you have had a great week so far and good luck to those of you who are still enduring the stress of finals. I will be back very soon!!

XOXO, Paige.

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