Weekend Bliss

Hello everybody, I hope that y’all had a delightful week and weekend. My week was busy with school and work, but my weekend was blissful.   After work on Thursday night I went to see the new Jungle Book movie with my family. It was amazing! Like I want to go see it again. They made the animals in the movie look so realistic and the acting was impeccable. My mom and I brought our own snacks for the movie. I got some Smartfood, white cheddar popcorn and a Skinny Cow caramel chocolate bar.   On Friday night I went to watch Hudson’s little baseball game, followed by a nice dinner with family and friends. I ordered grilled chicken with steamed broccoli and I also treated myself to a couple glasses of red wine.   

Saturday after work I went to the Woodlands with my family. We spent all day there and it was so much. It almost felt like a little vacation just getting away from the house. We walked around, ate yummy food, and shopped. I found two really pretty dresses at Altar’d State.  There is this little area in the Woodlands where a boat will take you around, which Hudson was obsessed with. I went with Hudson up on this little bridge over the water, played “My Heart Will Go On” on my phone, and had him do the iconic Titanic pose with me. Lol.  My gorgeous mom and handsome brother. 

   Today, I slept in until 11am which was amazing. I never sleep in that late. I also had my mom teach me how to make her new gluten-free pancake recipe. She uses gluten-free pancake flour, an egg, water, apple sauce (instead of oil), pumpkin pie spice, and cinnamon. I enjoyed these delicious pancakes with some hazelnut coffee for breakfast.

I’m planning on spending the rest of today relaxing, catching up on homework, and possibly going for a run. 

I hope that you all have a very happy Sunday and a great week ahead. I will be back soon! ❤️

XOXO, Paige.



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