Crepes, Pool Time, and Easter!


Hello everyone! I hope that you all had a wonderful Easter. I was so happy that it ended up being a beautiful day yesterday even though it was supposed to rain all day. God made sure that the sun was shining on us all while we celebrated Jesus Christ.

Last week was sort of a rough one for me. Getting back into the swing of things after spring break definitely took a toll on my energy. I’m pretty sure I took a nap everyday last week and then couldn’t fall asleep until at least 2am each night. I’m feeling a little bit better this Monday and am ready to conquer this week.

Here is a recap of last week!

   Last Monday was wonderful! I actually started off the day feeling ill, but after some extra rest I was able to go for a nice run on that gorgeous day. This was my first run since the green smoothie cleanse. I have been working out since then but haven’t gotten out for a run, so I was happy to see that I ran two and a half miles with ease and at a decent speed. It felt amazing. 

 After my run I made myself some scrambled eggs with fat-free feta cheese and a multigrain English muffin to eat while I studied for my Texas government midterm.

My midterm went very well! I was welcomed home to some delicious shrimp and some rice that my mother made for dinner.

Had to snap a shot of my Dad’s cute little espresso
Pinky up!
  I went on a crepe date with my father on Tuesday after my medical terminology class. It was really nice to sit outside and enjoy such a beautiful day and my favorite food with him. He and I don’t go out together like this very often because we are both so busy, but it’s always a treat when it does happen. We sat out there reminiscing about the time we spent in Europe together because this setting reminded us of eating together in France.  

Wednesday was a rough day for me. I was late to my students lesson that morning because I couldn’t find my house key anywhere, which I later found in my wallet when I bought myself a cup of coffee. Don’t know how it ended up there… Then I cracked my phone screen in the parking garage at school!! I decided that Wednesday was not my day so I took a nap before heading to my next class that evening.

 And here I am after my evening class on Wednesday, exhausted and “ratchet” lol!

I didn’t get any pictures, but on Thursday I spent most of the day outside by the pool with my brother’s and sister. It was so nice to soak up some sun and to tan my pale self. I swam some laps in the pool for fun. It always feels nice and refreshing to swim!  

   I made myself some oatmeal and a cappuccino before heading to work that evening. It was delicious!
  I haven’t told y’all this yet but I am starting the AdvoCare 24-day challenge with my Mom this upcoming Wednesday!! I am so excited!! All of my goodies came in on Friday morning 🙂

 I met my sister for my last crepe before I do the challenge. She was craving one and I of course never say no to crepes!! I ordered my usual wheat crepe with eggs, feta cheese, and wild mushroom sauce + a cappuccino, while she ordered a chicken pesto panini. We also shared this dessert crepe that was sooo yummy!! It had Nutella, strawberries, and chocolate sauce. 

 I spent the rest of Friday by the pool with my family until we went to my grandparents house for an egg coloring contest with the rest of my giant family.

 Saturday started off with coaching, followed by helping clean the house to get it ready for Easter. Later that evening my sister and I met with some friends for Tex-Mex and margaritas!

And here is Easter Sunday!!! 

   The Easter bunny brought all of us kids baskets full of goodies. I received some great stuff, along with these adorable shoes that I’ve been wanting very badly. 

He is the cutest little bunny!
   Our day was filled with delicious food made by my awesome mother, an Easter egg hunt, and lots of fun with my family. We ended the night watching Passion of Christ. I had never seen that movie before and thought that Easter would be the perfect day to watch it. 
I hope that y’all have a wonderful Monday!! I will be back to write very soon. I cannot wait to share my 24-day challenge with you.

XOXO, Paige.

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  1. Debbie Davis says:

    Enjoyed getting to spend time with y’all this weekend. Have a great week – hope this one is much better for you! Love You! Nanna


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