My Spring Break

I decided to wait until the end of spring break to write another post so that I could update y’all about everything I did this week.

So here is my spring break starting from Friday. March 11th. Last Friday my sister and I went country dancing at Big Texas. It was so much fun to go two-stepping again, it was my sister’s first time. 

The following Sunday I attending a St. Patrick’s Day parade with my family and some close friends. My family and I attend this parade every year and it is always such a blast! We all share some Cajun food and dance around to music while trying to catch some beads. 🍀  

 My friend Fallon (up here ^) has been one of my best friends since I was a little girl. We grew up skating together and have stayed super close ever since. I have been able to spend lots of time with her this spring break, which has been amazing and much needed after both of us have been so busy with work and school.   


On Monday morning I woke up early to meet with my friend Fallon for a hard workout. Her and I actually ended up working out together everyday this last week. Instead of trying the workout classes I had previously planned, Fal and I did strength training and cardio for over an hour each day. We had a lot of fun working out together and are going to try and keep doing it together once school starts back up. 

Monday night I had Fallon over to watch the bachelor finale with my family. I absolutely loved this past season. Jojo and Lauren are both such great women, so Ben honestly couldn’t have gone wrong with his pick, but I am beyond thrilled that Jojo has been picked to be the next bachelorette. Cannot wait for next season!!! 


   On Tuesday we all went to Galveston for the day. Galveston is certainly not a pretty beach, but it was nice to get away for a day and just relax on the beach. We ended our day with a nice dinner at Rainforest Cafe and we of course ordered one of those giant volcanoes to share for dessert.  

 On Wednesday I dragged my brother and sister to the gym with Fallon and I so that we could all workout together. After our workout I took my brother to Coco’s Crepes with me for lunch, which was delicious as always. It was such a lovely day that we enjoyed our crepes outside. I tried to relax for a bit before joining my family to see the new Pixar movie, “Zootopia.” That movie ended up being one of my new favorite cartoons. It was precious and filled with deep emotion, which left me with chills a few times. Oh and one of my favorite singers of all time, Shakira, portrayed one of the characters. It was awesome. After the movie we all met with my grandparents and some family friends for dinner to end the night. 

   On Thursday I went to the Houston Rodeo with Fal and her boyfriend/my friend John. When we first arrived we got some food, Fal and I ate some Pappasito’s chicken quesadillas and John got some bbq. After we ate we watched the bull riding, horseback riding, mutton bustin, and all that other fun stuff until Florida Georgia Line performed. They were great! 

 After the Rodeo, we all stopped by Mo’s Irish Pub for some St. Patrick’s Day festivities. The pub had a live band playing and a very yummy drink called the “Green Shamrock.” It was delicious. My cousin and her boyfriend joined my sister and I ate the pub around 1am and we ended the night eating some whataburger (lol).

 I devoted Friday to relaxing. I woke up that morning feeling exhausted and extremely congested. It was nice to spend the day in my pajamas and hanging out with my family. Friday evening my family and I watched a movie called “Spotlight.” That movie was incredible and I highly recommend y’all watch it. The story brought to light in this film was dark and twisted, but is a story that needed to be heard and the acting was some of the best acting I have ever seen.

Today, I spent my day mostly at the baseball fields. I watched my youngest brother, Hudson, play in his little baseball game this morning and my other brother, Davis, play this afternoon. In between the games I met with a couple of friends and my sister for a sushi date. I love sushi & my friends. ❤️

As spring break is coming to an end I can honestly say that I enjoyed my week. I will say that I am very tired from a busy week, but it was filled with lots of fun, joy, and love amongst my family and friends. I’m not ready for school to start on Monday, but I am ready to get through this semester and enjoy a very nice Summer that will be here before we know it.

I hope that you all enjoyed yourselves as well during the break and I wish you luck as you begin your regular school and work schedules again. Remember to stay positive because life is so much more enjoyable when you look at it in an optimistic light. Sending love and positivity your way. I will be back to write again very soon!

XOXO, Paige.

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