Day 5 and 6 of My 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse!


 This weekend turned out to be a flop when it came to the green smoothie cleanse. I made it through day 5 and almost all the way through day 6. I was so proud of myself for making through day 5 with my cousin being in town. My family was so supportive and kept telling me “you can do this!” Friday night I went with my family to Red Robin where I only snacked on some broccoli while everyone else enjoyed delicious looking burgers, fries, and (my favorite) freckled lemonade. It was torture. 

 This was Friday’s smoothie, which wasn’t my favorite. It was called “Peach Berry” and it consisted of water, spinach, peaches, blueberries, flaxseed, and stevia.

 This was Saturday’s smoothie, which was so yummy! It was called “Spinach Pineapple” and it consisted of water, spinach, peaches, pineapples, bananas, flaxseed, and stevia. Yum!

Saturday turned out to be a very bad day for me. My mother and sister put on a trunk show for their business, which they held on the side yard of our house. It was set up so cute. While I was outside enjoying the show almost passed out at least 5 different times, I felt extremely light headed and people kept asking me if I was okay because I even looked bad. I also tried to hold my two year old cousin and was so weak that I couldn’t hold her for 5 minutes. I drank a smoothie for breakfast and lunch that day and I also kept snacking on peanut butter to see if that would make me feel better, but it didn’t. At the end of the night I was sitting on the couch feeling so out of it, I couldn’t recall some things I did that day which is completely out of character for me. I contemplated sticking to the cleanse for hours, knowing that I only had 4 more days left and I was trying my hardest to be an inspiration for y’all, I finally decided I needed to go back to whole foods. I don’t know if I felt this way because I am sick with a cold that has continued to get worse or because I wasn’t getting enough calories and protein in my system or maybe both. I just couldn’t keep going while I felt this way and I knew that I had 3 exams next week, it would be horrible if I felt this way while I was trying to study or during my exams. 

 I took this photo for y’all because I thought you would all have a good laugh. I couldn’t actually drink that coffee or eat that cookie because they were way too sweet after 6 days of cleansing, but I tried lol! After I ate dinner Saturday night, I felt like such a failure for not finishing and felt like I was letting y’all down by not sticking to it, but then I thought about how hard this cleanse was and how good I did for 6 days. I definetly recommend this cleanse for anyone that wants to give it a try and I highly recommend that you listen to your body while you do it. I loved the things I learned during the process. I actually love fruit and green smoothies even more now. I ended up losing 4 pounds, 1 inch in my waist, and 1 inch in my hips in only 6 days!!! But weight loss wasn’t my mission. Learning more about my body and getting into a healthy/clean eating lifestyle was my mission and I feel like I’ve accomplished that. I’m very proud of myself!

 Today I enjoyed egg whites, wheat toast, strawberries, and a latte for breakfast with my sister & cousin before we did some shopping. I found a really cute new bikini top and some new workout clothes today. 

 Check out these cute pajamas I found at Walmart today. I NEVER EVER go to Walmart, but I went today and these pants were so freaking comfortable that I had to get them. And I also don’t have a Star Wars shirt, so I thought “why not?” Lol. 

 My mother just made a yummy stir fry recipe that I found on Pinterest for dinner.

I hope that y’all had a wonderful weekend and have a very happy Monday! I am about to be consumed by endless studying until the end of the week and then it’s SPRING BREAK!!! I’ll be back soon.

XOXO, Paige

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