Day 4 of My 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse!


Today hasn’t been my best day.. I woke up at 7am, not feeling well at all. My head, mouth, and throat hurt and on top all that, my stomach felt weird too so I didn’t end up eating breakfast before my 8am class. I also felt super dehydrated when I woke up, which is very strange because I’ve been making sure to drink at least 64 ounces of water each day. I brought a 24 ounce glass of water to class and drank that while I was learning about the lymphatic and immune system in medical terminology, while I was in class I also began to crave eggs, toast, coffee. I can’t have those things yet.. It’s only day 4!! 

When I came home from class I ate a hard boiled egg and went back to bed for some rest. I napped and then made myself go to work. I’ve only been able to eat fruit and 2 hard boiled eggs today and I had to force myself to drink water. I’ve continued to feel worse throughout and have contemplated ending the cleanse and letting myself have a slice of toast several times, but I didn’t give in. I’m waking up tomorrow and making my “day 5” smoothie and I’m going to try my very hardest to make it through the last 6 days, even though my cousin is coming in town this weekend and will most likely want to have some drinks and eat some sushi like we usually do. 

 I will keep y’all updated on how my weekend turns out and hope to be strong and stick to the cleanse. I probably won’t be writing again until after the weekend, so I hope y’all have a great weekend! I am now going to take some NyQuil and go to sleep.

XOXO, Paige 

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  1. Debbie Davis says:

    Sorry to hear you had a rough day. Hope tomorrow is much better. Love you , feel better soon !


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