Shopping Date with the Sis!

Hey y’all! 😊

So, my Tuesday’s are awesome because I get out of class by 9:50am at the latest and have the rest of the day to do whatever the heck I want. Yesterday my sister and I decided to go on a shopping and lunch date. It was a blast! 

 I ordered a chicken pesto pasta that came with a tiny baguette (although it looks giant in this picture).

 We stopped by La Madeleine for some yummy lunch. Not quite sure why we thought eating pasta before trying on clothes was a good idea, but at least it was delicious lol. 
 After lunch Bay and I headed to our favorite store, Altar’d State, we tried on so many clothes but only let ourselves buy a couple of things even though we wanted to buy like 20 items.

 Bay and I ended up kind of matching with our looks yesterday, which was totally unplanned. I wanted to try out an edgy look and decided to rock my maroon converse, boyfriend jeans from J. Crew, a striped tank from Target, Kendra Scott jewelry, and a leather jacket that I got from Buckle a long time ago.


Mom ended up wearing stripes too lol!

That evening we met up with some family for dinner. We all ate some fattening food for “Fat Tuesday” and wore some Mardi Gras beads. 

I started running again on Monday and was very happy with how well I did after not really running at all the last few months.

I’ve slowly been trying to get back into eating really healthy like I use to, but it’s been hard with all of the events and dinners I’ve been attending. My mom and I decided that we’re going to do the AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge again together in a couple of weeks and I’m also going to start running a lot again. I am so excited because the AdvoCare products really work for me. They keep me energized and cut out any cravings. 

I will be posting about the recipes, workouts, and AdvoCare products I’ll be taking to give you all an insight as to how it all works and how healthy it makes you.

I’ll speak to y’all again soon!

XOXO, Paige.


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  1. NANNA says:

    Am so proud of the closeness that you and Bay have as sisters – TRULY awesome! So proud of our two BEAUTIFUL grands and their mother. LOVE Y’ALL!!!


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