Spring Semester Begins

So, the first week of school was a success! I am taking English II, Texas Govermment, Biology, and Medical Terminology this semester.

Here is a recap of my first week of school:I spent last Sunday indulging a delicious, jumbo blueberry muffin, along side my everyday cup of hazelnut cream filled coffee and relaxing with my family.

 Sunday evening my brother, sister, and I met with some friends for dinner, bowling, and fro yo. And yes, I bowled as Cinderella if you were wondering lol.

  I have never been the biggest fan of frozen yogurt, but I tried something different this time and I loved it! I got Nutella flavored yogurt with chocolate covered almonds. Yum.

    Classes started on Tuesday last week due to MLK day, so my first class was medical terminology at 8am. I tried a new hairstyle with my short hair and really liked it. I just did a French braid and then messy bun at the bottom. It was cute and kept my hair out of my face, perfect for working out 🙂
 I usually don’t start studying unless I have a test or a quiz coming up, but there are so many medical terms, prefixes, suffixes, and combing forms to learn in this class that I decided to memorize all of them early.

 I’ve been really tired lately and taking a lot of naps, like even before classes started and I’m not quite sure why. Maybe the cold weather or the fact that I have barely been eating any meat (because it doesn’t agree with my tummy) so maybe I’m not getting enough iron or protein in my diet?  I’m feeling a lot better this week and have much more energy, hopefully it stays that way.

Last Wednesday I had my first biology class. I haven’t taken biology since freshman year of high school so I feel like I’m learning everything again for the first time, but that’s okay because everyone else in the class is on the exact same page as I am. Our first lab we had to do an experiment on a goldfish. It was pretty neat. 

I took my two younger brothers, Davis and Hudson, skating on Friday. Hudson is only 4 years old and had never been skating before. He was pretty scared and I held him most of the time, but we still had lots of fun!

  Saturday evening we had a few friends over and had a Harry Potter marathon. Two of our friends had never seen the movies before and it was so fun to see their reactions to the movies and explain to everyone the details in the book that were left out of the movie.

  My mom cooked a delicious feast that went with the Harry Potter themed night. She made giant turkey legs, shepherds pie, rice, and rolls. Bailey made some butterbeer and I made some mini pumpkin pies.   

    I spent Sunday doing homework and later that night I watched football and enjoyed some pizza with my family!

Yesterday I had 2 classes, which took up most of my day, but I was able to sit down and watch the bachelor with my mom and sister that evening before heading to bed. I am still loving this season!!! Becca, Jojo, Caila, and Lauren B. are definitely you favorites so far, I also love Amanda and Leah but I don’t know very much about them nor have I really seen how they are with Ben. I am glad that he finally chose a twin because that was getting hard to watch. Olivia needs to go! Like seriously. I can’t wait to see how all of the dates go next week!!


 I have been productive today! I got finished with my classes for the day around 10am and got all of my homework for biology finish. I played soccer with my youngest brother and then made myself a yummy smoothie for lunch. 

For my smoothie I put about 1 cup of ice, 1 cup of coconut water, 7-8 strawberries, 1 banana, and 1 tbsp of organic vanilla yogurt.

I hope you are all doing awesome and I’ll be back soon!!!

XOXO, Paige.


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