My Crazy Week

Well this week has been exciting, exhausting and stressful to say the least. I am however going to focus all of my energy on the fact that no matter how busy I am and how stressful my life gets, I am doing my best to work hard towards my goals and I am proud of myself for not only doing that but wanting to do it, being passionate about turning my dreams into my reality.


Here are some quotes that are motivating me. ❤️
This week was the first week of my second Fall semester in college and my first semester at an actual university because I spent my first year at a community college. This semester I have decided to take two courses at the community college I went to last year and two courses at the university that I am now attending. I am taking my first English and Politcal Science courses and two Anthropolgy courses. I am very excited about learning everything these four courses have to offer and so far all of my professors seem amazing and truly devoted to teach the whole class in the best way possible.  I can honestly say that I love going to class, I love learning about new things. It excites and exhilarates me.
During my break between my two anthropology classes I decided to spend my time in the library reading my book. It is such a wonderful book and I definitely advise anyone who is wanting to read a love story to check it out. 

“The Choice” by, Nicholas Sparks

Because this week has been so busy and stressful I haven’t been able to get in any running… Every night I come home from class around 7pm and I’m exhausted so I have been just having dinner with my family and then going right to bed. I have however been skating. I skated about 4 hours this week and I made it to the gym for a good workout on Monday morning. I’m not stressing over the fact that I didn’t get to workout as much as I would like to because I know that once I get used to this crazy schedule I will be able to work in more time for my runs. I’m going to run today and I’m also going to see if I can run 6-7 miles on Sunday (wish me luck on Sunday lol) so I can at least stay confident in the fact that I can make it through my half-marathon in October. I only have about 8 more weeks until the run!!! 

Delicious dinner my dad made for the family on Wednesday night!
One more thing… Tomorrow morning I am going to get my hair done. I’m going to change it up a little bit. I have had balayage since January and have decided to go back to all blonde tomorrow morning and I’m very excited! I will share before & after pictures once I get it done 🙂 

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