Summer Is Coming To An End

I have been trying to enjoy my last few weeks of summer and not having a very busy schedule.  Last week I drove up to Oklahoma to visit some of my family which was wonderful. It was nice to take a break from work, see loved ones I hadn’t seen in years, eat my grandmother’s home cooked meals, and just enjoyed a change of scenery.

I am going to spend these next few weeks doing as much as I can with the free time I have. I started reading a Nicholas Sparks book called “The Choice” and I love it so far!! I have been going to the gym everyday since I came back home which has been awesome. I have also been getting to spend time with my good friends before we all go back to our different colleges.

This morning I decided to eat my breakfast and read my book outside. I made pumpkin pancakes on Sunday night, because I am SUPER ready for Fall, so I decided to heat up the leftovers and of course had cup of coffee to go with them.

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