Trusting Yourself

Everyday I wake up with the same struggle of thinking that I need to have everything figured out and that I need to have control over everything that happens in my life and the relationships I have with people.  I have recently become much better at learning that I need to just let go and let life take me where I am supposed to go, let the things in my life and relationships I have with people unfold naturally without obsessing over the need to control them.  I am learning to trust myself, trust that I know in my heart what I want in life and trusting that I am smart enough to make the right choices and even if I make the wrong choices to just learn from those mistakes I make along the way. The quote I posted below was exactly what I needed to read today and is what I am trying to live by. I know once I finally am able to let go of the urge to control I will find freedom and happiness. I am already a happy and positive person, but being able to live with the freedom that I desire I will truly become who I am meant to be and I will be taken wherever I am meant to go in life. I will truly be happy. 

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