My First Post!!

I wanted to give you all a glance as to what I intend to blog about.  I would like to not only document my life and what I dream to accomplish in my lifetime, but to also be an inspiration to people. I would like to talk about what is on my mind and what my interests and desires are. I am a Virgo and I have an issue with overthinking constantly, but I do try to look at life in the most positive light even though we do all go through hard times and sometimes feel stuck in our own journey through life. I hope to keep you all positive and I hope to inspire you all to live out your dreams and take everyday of your life as a blessing, to live in the moment, and above everything else to live a life full of happiness and love.

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  1. Nanna says:

    You have such a positive outlook on life. You have goals that you set and you go for them. The over thinking…might also be from your Pawpaw. His mind NEVER rests…even when he is sleeping he still cannot shut down totally. Always dreaming (in his sleep), but has accomplished many things. Sometimes I think he can’t enjoy the things he has accomplished because he’s constantly thinking of new adventures even tho his body is getting tired. Silly boy! Sounds like you two should have a talk about this too (letting your mind rest, at least some time)…tehe! So happy for you and your future endeavors, you will be awesome in college (you have already proved that) and you are such a TRUE beauty, inside & out. LOVE YOU TONS & TONS and am SO proud of you!!!.

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